payment in a wink!

An innovative payment solution that uses biometric technology for authorizing transactions in an easy, safe and quick way. Wink&Pay opens to new scenarios in biometric payments.


Biometric eye recognition

It uses a sophisticated eye recognition algorithm to uniquely identify the account holder and ensure the security of transactions. The users must register their eye in the initial onboarding phase.

Advanced security

The system does not collect or store faces: it stores the so called “feature vector” which ensures privacy and good performances. In addition, the system implements advanced protection techniques to reach the highest level of security.

Privacy and Compliance

Ensures the user's privacy and complies with the legislation on the protection of personal data. The system follows strict security and compliancy regulations to ensure the protection of user data and prevent fraud.

Versatility of use

Wink&Pay can be integrated with major existing payment systems, allowing users to use wink as an additional payment option.

Easy to use

The user interface is intuitive and user-friendly and accompanied by suggestions to pay quickly without requiring any password or PIN.

Control options

Users have complete control over their biometrics and can turn off the wink payment feature at any time.

Biometric Payments

Step into the future of payments with Cyberneid! Our biometric payments harness your unique features for ultra-secure digital transactions and account access. Say goodbye to passwords, and hello to cutting-edge technology using a digital identity for unparalleled security in authorizing every transaction!

 All it takes is a wink to authorize a payment, all without digging through endless bags or trying to remember sequences of numbers.

How it works

Quick and simple steps to use Wink&Pay


Onboarding encompasses brief and straightforward steps for creating your digital identity. This process guarantees that only you have the authority to authorize payments with your account. The certification of this authorization relies on the security features embedded in your electronic identity card. 

This step must be done once and never again.

Wink to authorize

Once your digital identity is established, authorizing payments becomes as easy as framing your face in the camera and giving a wink. This eliminates the need for hands-on phone use or the hassle of remembering a code..


In a few straightforward steps, you've successfully completed your desired payment, and the detailed transaction information is readily accessible in the history section of the mobile app for your convenience

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